Henderson High School Students Bid Teacher Farewell

A 10 year teacher at Henderson high school, the man known as Mr. "C" inspired countless students and colleagues, through both his teachings, and the lessons learned from his own struggles. KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley reports from Henderson.

Where David Cavazos used to arrive at Henderson High School, a memorial now stands. Flowers, cards, and other mementos are all placed in the once occupied parking space of "Mr. "C". In a way David was my hero, he was my inspiration, said Mike Melton, Cavazos' fellow teacher. Born with spina bifida, Mr. "C" beat the odds. He graduated from Henderson High school, where he would then find his life's work. "David had medical problems but you never knew it by talking to him. I never heard him one time complain about it, never a complaint," said Melton. Instead, Mr. "C" put everything into helping his students-- the people his colleagues say he was most proud of. "He was always open, there were times when he might have to say, "ok kids we're not playing around here, let's get serious," but the kids loved him and he loved them," said Cavazos' coworker, Carol Clemmons. "Mr. C gave all of us that can do attitude--the teachers and the students," said Henderson High School principal, Otis Amy. A "can do" attitude that not only made Henderson high school better off, but everyone that he touched. "The world would be much better off if we had more Mr. C's that's for sure," said Amy.

David's funeral services will be held on Friday at First Baptist Church in Henderson at 4pm.

In Henderson, LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com