Possible UFO Sighting Might Be Solved

A mystery over-head that, according to your response on kltv.com, has many of you scratching your heads. Whatever your guess is, we were able to find one man who says he knows the answer for sure.

In part 2 of our KLTV 7 UFO investigation, he reveals this answer, which he says explains this sighting and hundreds more worldwide.

From Roswell to Stephenville to East Texas shutterbugs all over the world look to the skies for that one in a million shot that proves UFO's are out there.

Whittney Sullivan told KLTV 7 she captured that image on her cell phone, without even realizing it.

That split second pie-shaped image sent us on a search, we took the video to an editing expert here at KLTV to ask hiim if this one frame, this image, could have been doctored.

"It was sent to us in a 3gp file which is what a cell phone video is. It could have been edited and sent to us but it is very doubtful the common person could have inserted the object in the frame and converted it back to 3gp file," said Derik Gray, KLTV Video Producer.

There's no doubt the image is there, but what it is, still a mystery. Leading us to Tom Hooten of Tyler's Hudnall Planetarium.

Unfortunately, his analysis brings this interstellar vision back down to earth, boiling down to something as simple as a flick of the wrist.

"When she pans it is a pan up and over. So it crosses where the sun is. Where the sun is leaves that black mark. Another thing about it, it's a black mark. It's not an illumiated object so if the sun is to the right it should be illuminating half of that object at least a little differently than the other half of that object

So he says it's a camera trick, but talk is easy. Knowing both we and you wouldn't be satisfied with just words, Hooten volunteered to give us a demonstration, using the exact same type of phone as Whittney Sullivan's.

"I can almost duplicate it," said Hooten, "All that I am doing is swinging my phone around like this and it happens that the lens catches the sun. Because the way that these cell phones are made whenever it points at a very bright object like the sun rather than it blossuming and it causing a light out it turns completely black."

A very similair image, shaped slightly different, Wooten says, because of the camera's movement.

An explanation he says explains thousands of reported cell phone u-f-o sightings, however, we know one believer who's not convinced.

"It's crazy," said Whittney ,"It doesn't change my mind. I don't believe it was a pigment of the camera or a black dot or whatever the camera did. I just don't believe it."

She's holding on to her theory that this came from another world, and not the digital one.

Danielle Capper, Reporting dcapper@kltv.com