Dems Head For The Lone Star State

One year ago, Senator Barack Obama held a rally in Austin--one that brought out 22,000.  "I am overwhelmed Austin.  I am overwhelmed," Obama yelled out to the crowd.

Now, overwhelming crowds could be coming out again as the battle for the Democratic nomination heads to Texas.  "It's on," said Texas Rep. Mark Strama.  "It's going be high action in Texas for the next four weeks."

With no one candidate emerging from a historic Tuesday of primaries, Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton are racing to the next big states on the calendar.  "Ohio and Texas are probably going to decide who gets the democratic nomination," said Clinton's Texas chair, Gary Mauro. "They're all going to be parachuting into Texas," said Strama.

Clinton is likely to compete fiercely for the delegate-rich Lone Star State.  Her Texas Campaign Chairman said Texas offices and staff will be ready by this weekend.  "It's going to be a lot of work to get each person's vote to the polls."

Voters will see and feel the campaign fury on television with candidate commercials, and in person with candidates criss-crossing the state to make their cases known.

"I know you're going to see a lot of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family here and a lot of surrogates," said Mauro.  While winning means a lot to the candidates, the real winners may be the voters.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.