John Tyler High School May Lose Dozens of Teachers

Next semester at John Tyler may be very different. By some estimates, as many as 50 teachers plan to retire, transfer, or quit this summer. And many of them say it's because of poor leadership within the school.

Three of those teachers spoke to Channel 7 News on Wednesday on the condition of annonimity. "It is the present situation, the lack of morale, the lack of humanitarianism, that is forcing them to go so that they can seek their professional career in a hopeful manner in another place."

Dr. Aubry Todd says the reports of 50 disgruntled teachers is an exaggeration. "Really, it's not even close to that. It's more akin to ten to fifteen percent at a maximum. We had about ten people transfer, and not that many retire."

The teachers say part of the problem is a lack of discipline. They claim students are sent to their assistant principal's office, and come back unpunished. "And then what you have is students disrespecting you in the halls and anywhere you go. They will talk back to you, tell you that you have no authority over them and that you cannot talk to them or tell them anything."

"I've been satisfied with the discipline," said Dr. Todd. "I think the community is satisfied with the discipline."

Dr. Todd says the problem is some teachers have been resistant to change. But these teachers say now, they've been forced to seek out change. At least in where they teach next year.