Veterans Talk About Mistreatment From TX Benefits Office

East Texas veterans call it a gross mis-treatment. For weeks now, KLTV 7 has told you about the Smith County V.A.'s keeping up with processing the benefits of our fighting men and women. The county's federal V.A.'s office pledged part-time help with the request, frustrating administrators and outraging East Texas lawmakers who say that's not good enough.

As for the people affected the most, they tell KLTV 7 they are weary of this battle to get help, and badly need re-enforcements.

"I was in country 1968, 1969, 1970. 25th infantry division for God and country," said Jerry Hayes.

They served their country valiantly, and now they feel their country isn't serving them back.

A group of vietnam war veterans discussed with KLTV their great frustrations with the V.A.'s office

"They don't want to give us good medication they want to give us generic drugs," said C.C. Campbell, "We didn't take generic bullets we took real bullets so we would love to have real medication and for them to pay for it like they are supposed to."

The problem they say lies in Waco, with all their paperwork.

"I applied 19 times for disability," said Jerry Hayes, "If you call to check on it, it seems they put it at the back of the list again."

Each of these men say they have waited years. Years after their paperwork is complete just to get something they more than deserve.

"I got my draft papers on my 21st birthday," said Joe Burden, "I have cried rivers of tears, because you sit and wait and you go to the post office and wait for paperwork that never get's done."

Many said when they call, nothing happens, all they are told they can do is wait.

"It just takes too long, we need someone to put their feet down and get these claims processed through," said C.C. Campbell.

Veterans waiting and hoping that someday soon someone will fight for them.

"I don't know who they are trying to service, but it certainly isn't us. David Ellison

Now many of you know Congressman Gohmert and Senator Cornyn have said they will help.

The veterans we spoke to challenged these leaders to actually go to Waco, look at the current process, and change things up.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.