Update: Man Paralyzed In Motorcycle Accident - Exclusive Photos

Roland A. Brawner
Roland A. Brawner

A man who was injured in a motorcycle wreck in Tyler yesterday remains in the ICU this morning in serious condition, with injuries including a partially amputated left foot, a broken back, and a broken neck.

Tony Smith, 30, of Gilmer, was reported travelling at speeds of 100 MPH when he lost control of his motorcycle at Spur 364 and Indian Drive. A crosswind caused Smith to crash into a brick column, and he was thrown from his bike, which fell on top of him during the accident.

Although Smith was wearing full leathers, helmet, boots and gloves, he was severely injured, and is reportedly paralyzed from the neck down. Though the full extent of his recovery possibilities are unknown, according to his aunt he has been able to move his arms to some degree and wiggle his toes in the last 12 hours.

These photos from the scene of the accident were contributed by Roland A. Brawner.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting. ckhalil@kltv.com.