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A Better East Texas: Voter ID Bill

Recent estimates put the number of illegal aliens living in Texas between 1.6 and 1.75 million people. And now that Oklahoma's House Bill 1804 is in effect, many of their illegal residents are heading straight for the border. The Texas border.

So what are we doing about it? There is a bill that recently passed in the Texas House that might help. It's called the Photo ID bill.

It basically says that if I need to show a photo ID to rent a movie, board an airplane or use my credit card, then I should have to show a photo ID to vote. The bill has its opponents. They say that voter fraud is practically non-existent. And such a bill discriminates against the poor or elderly who might not have such identification.

 But it sounds to me like this bill will mostly discriminate against the one and a half million people who aren't here legally in the first place. Maybe it's time to take control of who is living, working and voting in Texas.

The illegal immigration problem is a complicated one that won't be solved overnight. But steps like the Photo ID bill are just that - steps - toward protecting our constitutional rights and making this a Better East Texas.

Viewer Comments:

Hey Brad!
I just heard your commentary on the Photo ID Requirement for voters.  Did you hear me cheering you on?  You get A+ on that work.
Mary Lou


Hi Brad,

Just saw your commentary on the "picture ID" thing for voting. Great job!!  Keep up the good work!

And just as an added comment, the pink shirt and tie are especially nice. I see you have taste as well as a brain. Nice combination!



PS - now if only that chicken - s__t city council would put the smoking ban thing to a county wide vote, but I know they are too "holy and wise" to subject such a thing to the ignorant public. Better to spend time on this crucial issue than to get traffic lights put up. I'm sure the family of the latest victim on Hwy 271 is now comforted by the fact that so many lives have been saved by banning smoking in a city park.  Sorry, couldn't help myself!

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