Lindale ISD Assesses The Damage From Tuesday Night's Storms

It was a community effort--everyone doing what they can to get their school up and running again.

"We have plans in place, but then there are some things you really can't plan for," said Monica Moore, principal of Velma Penny Elementary.  Everyone was on one accord Tuesday night at the school.  Students, teachers and administrators and community members worked to restore a little order to the hallways after hail went crashing through the roof.

"We're just trying to see if anything has dried out, and assessing more of the damage in the classrooms," she said.  "That's kind of difficult because there's so much damage."

Wednesday, those hallways were somewhat clear, most of the water-soaked ceiling tiles and insulation outside in dumpsters.  Classrooms were a mess from ceiling to floor, and officials were up on the roof, surveying the damage.

"A very low estimate is a $1 million in damages," said Stan Surratt, superintendent of Lindale ISD.  He said for the roofs of both Penny Elementary and E.J. Moss Intermediate could cost at least $500,000 each to repair--costly, but necessary repairs for a quick return to normalcy.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.