Residents, Town Clean Up Community After Hail Storm

Lori Billings, Bullard
Lori Billings, Bullard

It was a day full of clean up and repairs in Bullard Wednesday. Residents there say roofs, windows, and cars were damaged from golf ball to softball size hail.

Hammers echoed throughout Bullard as residents patched up holes on their roofs.

"I'm having to cover up where the shingles are gone so it won't ruin the interior of the house if it rains," says landlord Milton Odom.

The storm damage is the talk of the town, everyone knows someone who's been hit hard.

"A friend of mine lost two cars and his house trailer. He lost a double wide trailer that knocked holes in his trailer," Odom adds.

Around town, roofs are shredded, car windows covered up with plastic, and trees down, one even split in half.

Our cameras weren't allowed to shoot the damage Wednesday, but Brook Hill School officials tell me they had several windows and window frames destroyed by the hail storm that swept through there.

Even Bullard City Hall looks as if someone shot through some of the windows.

"I really don't know to what extent because we haven't been up on the roof, we have some broken windows, staff's cars received quite a bit of hail damage," says Bullard City Manager Larry Morgan.

There's thousand of dollars worth of damage and days of repair.  All, from hail that fell in only a matter of minutes.

We're told from a local roofing company that typically a house's whole roof has to be replaced from hail damage. That can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the size of the house.

Tracy Watler, Reporting