Severe Storms Cause Damage, Cancel Classes

Shovels and brooms, wheel-barrels and garbage cans--it was a massive clean-up effort in the hallways of Lindale's Velma Penny Elementary.   "This is the first time I ever encountered something like this, just a total roof failure, basically," said Stan Surratt, superintendent of Lindale ISD.

Ceiling tiles washed to the floor and insulation was soaked with water after golf-ball-sized hail punched through the vinyl roof of the building.  It sent rain water into classrooms and computer labs.

"It's severe roof damage, severe flooding," he said.  "We've got a problem to address and fix in a short period of time."

Mike Ortega caught the near white-out conditions right outside his home.  Within minutes, the home video he captured was on our air.  "We had just gotten home from work, and pulled in and within 15 minutes, we just heard a lot of wind, and the hail just started falling," he said.

Ortega said he just has a few dents in his van, but he'll know tomorrow if his home took any damage from the rocks of ice, left behind.  "I found a lot of really fat ones," said Kalista Ortega, Mike's daughter.  "I got them, zipped the bag up, and went back over to our house and I put them in the freezer.

The hail was a keepsake for some, but a headache for those left to clean up the mess at those Lindale schools.  Officials hopes the school will be cleaned and the roof repaired soon.  But until, Wednesday's classes are canceled district wide.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.