Large Hail Pelts And Shatters Windows At Bullard School

"Giant hail stones. I honestly have never seen hail that large before," said Ginger Bell, Director of Admissions and Marketing at The Brook Hill School in Bullard.

And when it hit, it hit hard. Cars were pelted and windows shattered.

"My car had the back windshield completely busted out," said Bill Seronello, lower school Principal.  "And then of course dents all over the body."

"Several of the teachers lost windows in their cars, windshields, side windows, and then I have dents in mine that are large," said Bell.

Teachers and students at The Brook Hill School in Bullard said the storm blew in, seemingly from out of nowhere Tuesday afternoon.

"It was so loud and at first I thought it was a tornado," said Seronello.

Many said it was the largest hail they've ever seen, definitely bigger than golf ball size.

"It's the first time I've really seen one that size," said Bell.  "It's made up of tiny different pieces of ice that are joined together, it was really interesting."

And while it made for a fun school day, it also left behind a big and costly mess to clean up.

"I was on the phone with claims people at the main office and then the claims officer called me on my other phone," said Seronello.  "And I mean that's how quick the claims were coming in. She said 'must be some sort of a disaster."

Courtney Lane, Reporting