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"Does It Work?"-2/10/09

One Touch Jar Opener: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell

It wasn't too long ago, we talked to a woman who told us her arthritis condition had gotten so bad in her hands, she actually made her grocery buying decisions based on what she thought she'd be able to open. That's probably why we've gotten so many emails from folks wanting us to test the One Touch Jar Opener.

"Opens stubborn jars at the touch of a button," it says on the package. "Opens lid sizes 1.2 to 4 inches."  

We open our opener which is much more compact than another brand we tested years ago. In facat, this one will fit in a drawer.   It runs on two AA batteries.  In a snap, we're ready to take a spaghetti sauce jar for a spin.   The first thing we learned about the One Touch is yes, it takes just one touch...but it's a long touch. You have to touch and hold.   But just like that.   The jar is open.

We tried something smaller...a little apple juice bottle.  The lid measures less than two inches but the One Touch opened it too. 

Same drill with a small pimento jar.  Success!

We tried a plastic bottle of salad dressing.  It didn't work...but then we read the instructions and found out it's not supposed to work on plastic lids and bottles.  (We were a little bothered that's not mentioned on the outside of the packaging.)

Finally, we tried the One Touch Jar Opener on a giant pickle jar.  The lid measured exactly four inches across...the max the One Touch says it can open.

It fit just fine across the lid, but the One Touch couldn't achieve a grip around the large glass part of the jar.  As a result, the One Touch kept popping off.  So, even if a lid meets the four inch limitation, you've got to make sure the jar below it is not too big.  That's something to keep in mind.

"Does it Work?" We give the One Touch Jar Opener a "yes." You may remember we tested Black and Decker's version of the automatic jar opener a few years ago. It's a good product too, but at twice the cost. The One Touch Jar Opener is just $19.99. We found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.


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