Student Claims Longview ISD Teacher Made Racial Slur To Student

"This is your teacher. You look up to your teacher. Your teacher is supposed to build you up and make you feel good about yourself and Mrs. Bronson actually made Kiressa feel bad," said Kammal Muhammad. "Feeling bad" is what  Muhammad says his 11-year old daughter Kiressa Harris is trying to get over. After she told her parents what her McClure primary fifth grade teacher, Melissa Bronson had said and did to her. "The teacher grabbed Kiressa by her face and got face to face with her and told her,"if I was your mother I would slap the black off of your face." Initially when Kiressa told me that I was very upset. For the whole class to hear it, not only did it violate my daughters civil rights and have an impact on her self esteem, but every minority in that classroom should have felt the impact of her statement," said Muhammad.

After hearing of the incident, Longview ISD says they acted immediately."Whenever it comes to racism or anything to that nature, we're not going to tolerate it and that's why action was taken immediately," said Brian Bowman, Longview ISD Public Information officer. "As far as what's going to happen to the teacher, her punishment could be anything from paid administrative leave, which she is on right now, to termination," said Bowman. Due to the incident, Muhammad's daughter has been placed in another class at McClure. As for his daughter's teacher, he says there's mixed feelings. "I don't think she should lose her career because Kiressa is a straight "A" student, so Mrs. Bronson has to be a good teacher," said Muhammad. A good teacher that could have possibly made a terrible mistake.

Longview ISD hopes to have the investigation complete by the end of the week. We will be following this story and keep you updated.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting.