Feb. 5th, 2008: Former Lobo, Sooner Kelly Endorses Mercy Ships

At a time when we hear of athletes taking on million dollar endorsement deals, Longview's Malcolm Kelly is endorsing one international charity, and not accepting a single cent.

The former Oklahoma Sooner is endorsing Mercy Ships.

The news was announced Tuesday at a press conference in Washington DC. On hand for the press conference were Mercy Ship officials, Congressman Louie Gohmert and the ambassador of Liberia.

Workers at Mercy Ships headquarters in Garden Valley watched the conference on a special screen. Christian based Mercy Ships provides health care to struggling countries.

Malcolm let it be known he wants to help the people of Africa. He shed tears after watching a video presentation of charity work done in Liberia.

Malcolm is not in the NFL yet, however it is predicted he will be a first round draft pick in April.

The workers of Mercy Ships said Malcolm is already starting his career on the right foot.

"Malcolm is a representative of a segment of society that is very influential in our culture," said Mercy Ships co-founder Deyon Stephens. "We're just delighted that he is choosing to identify with us."

"It's absolutely incredible," said Mercy Ships' Kyle Rahn. "It's a gift from Malcolm to us. We at Mercy Ships are just beside ourselves and overjoyed that a young man of his character would align himself with us."

Malcolm plans to take some of his former Oklahoma teammates with him to do work in Liberia in July.