High Tech Businesses Make Tyler Number Three

What Comet Technologies does best is working one on one with customers to create custom software and internet sites. Their clients range from a small pet beds retailer to a Walmart distribution arm. All of this happens in Tyler.

Randy Davis founded the business here ten years ago. He's stayed in part because of the connections to strong local colleges. "You could go nation wide and not find more highly skilled students to work in a center so we feel very fortunate to have those resources here in Tyler."

Comet Technologies is just one reason why Forbes Magazine named Tyler the Third Best Small City in America. On the Southwest Loop is another. Cox Communications is building a new customer service center here. When it's finished, it means 400 new high tech jobs.

"I think Tyler's very nicely positioned for future technological growth," say Tyler Chamber of Commerce President Tom Mullins. "More companies will hear about it. More companies will want to be here because of the quality of life, the educational opportunities, the support system that's in place."

And once those businesses come, Randy Davis thinks they'll want to stay. "We did have an opportunity in working with a venture capital group to expand and do some major growth, but it did require us to move to Austin and we didn't want to do it."

Of course, if the "Third Best Small City in America" keeps growing, it may find itself being one of the best big cities in America. When factoring in all cities, large and small, Tyler ranks 44 on the Forbes survey.