Amazing Baby Comes Home After Five Heart Surgeries

Only eight weeks old, little Gracie Kate Burch, who was born with a congenital heart defect, returned home to Whitehouse last weekend.

The newborn has gone through more in the last two months than most people experience in a lifetime. Now she's the talk of her small town.

Born on March 20, 2002, Gracie seemed a healthy, happy baby until her parents were hit with shocking news two days later.

"They came in and told us that she had a congenital heart defect," said Gracie's mother Stacia Burch. The newborn had two holes in her heart, and a total of five heart malfunctions. She was immediately care flighted to Children's Medical Center i

For seven weeks, the Burches sat by their daughter's side as she endured five operations, including one open heart surgery.

"People would tell us this would either make our marriage or break our marriage. And it brought us closer together," said Sta

The City of Whitehouse was physically far away from the family, but close in their thoughts. The community already had welcome signs up awaiting Gracie's journey home.

That journey finally came last weekend.

"We were driving in, and I was talking to her saying, 'Gracie you know everybody loves you, you know. Look at all these signs welcoming you ho

"The baby born with so many heart defects now has won the hearts of many. She's in stable condition and will be monitored closely by doct

Friends of the family even set up a fund for her at Austin Bank in Whitehouse.

According to mom, Gracie also has developed a hardy appetite.