Police Say Serial Rapist Strikes Again

Police are convinced they have a serial rapist... and neighbors of the North Longview area around McCann and Hawkins Parkway are scared.

"Alisha" lives nearby: "The thing that makes me the most nervous, not me because I know to go in and lock up, is teenage girls that are out."

The rapist isn't afraid of the light of day and is able to talk women into opening their front doors. That's what happened at Misty Ridge Apartments around noon on Saturday.

The attack at Misty Ridge isn't the first time police believe he has struck this same area, there was another attack back in September of 2000, right next door at Princeton Club.

Police think he has also attacked at Summer Lake, Summer Green, and Hunter's Crossing Apartments... dating back to August of 2000.

He'll attack twice, then wait 11 months before striking twice more.

Sgt. Don Jeter of the Longview Police Department says, "This guy might have gone somewhere else in the times that he's not in Longview."

The description is a white or hispanic man, 5'4" to 5'7", weighs 180 to 215 pounds, dark hair and brown eyes, stocky, with perhaps a goatee or mustache.

"Alisha" says strange men hanging about her nearby complex.

"Just wandering around from nowhere, it just makes me nervous for the teenage girls."

Also, another woman named Laura says women should always be aware.

"I try to only go to places that I'm familiar with and years ago, I learned always carry your keys with you because you can use them as a weapon."

They're on guard and on watch. Police are patrolling and they say the best defense now is many sets of eyes.