Following The Food To Find Out How Cowboys Fans Feel About The Super Bowl Picks

It was a busy day in the kitchen, Super Bowl Sunday at Cici's on the Loop and Troup in Tyler.   Pizza after pizza rolled out of the oven, many of them, headed to Super Bowl soiree's.  We followed 20 pies to Tyler Junior College where we found some Cowboys fans reluctantly accepting reality.

"I guess, optimally, you would hope that the team that you lost to, wins the Super Bowl," said Cowboys fan Jacob Adams.  "I guess as much as it pains me to say, go Giants."  Some went for the spread, but they're staying for different reasons.

"I don't like the Patriots, but it would be cool just to say that I was growing up when they won, undefeated, 19 and 0," said TJC student Stephen Schwark.  "I could care less who wins, or loses in this game."  Of course, sandwich shops all over East Texas were busy putting together platters and trays for Super Bowl parties.  We tracked down a couple inside the fellowship hall at People's Baptist Church in Tyler.  Outside, the kids got their own football game going.  Inside, fans of the Boys searched for a team to root for.

Marcus Jackson, pastor of People's Baptist Church and true Cowboys fan said there was not much to choose from in tonight's game.

"I tell you, wrong color, wrong states, every thing is wrong," said Jackson.

"It doesn't matter who wins because the Cowboys aren't playing," said Danita Rollins.  Across town, some fans of the Boys laid out their own Smorgasbords.  Barbara Haas said she couldn't have a Super Bowl party without the nachos and cheese and crackers, comfort foods, which may have helped even the diehard Cowboy fan cope with tonight's Super Bowl.  Some are taking a more rational approach to picking a winner.

"My thinking is, [the winner] needs to represent our conference, so I'm cheering for the Giants," said Haas.

It was good food, which, for the Cowboy fan, will hopefully translate to a good game.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.