Teen Shot In Titus County Standoff

A tense standoff early Sunday morning in Titus County ends with sheriffs deputies having to shoot an armed teenager.  It happened just after midnight at a home in the 1800 Block of West First Street in Mount Pleasant.

Early Sunday morning, Titus County deputies were called out to the home to assist Mount Pleasant police.  They were told there was a possible hostage situation.  When they got there, deputies were made aware that a 16-year old boy was inside armed with a rifle.

"There were already two Mount Pleasant police officers on one side of the house and two on the other side," said Titus County Sheriff Arvel Shepard.  "Our officers arrived on the scene directly in front of the house, and one officer spotted a suspect inside the house with a gun."  Taking cover behind a parked car in the driveway, one deputy got a better look.  As the deputy stepped out from cover, that's when the sheriff says he spotted the suspect at the front door with a rifle, pointed right at him.

"They repeatedly told him to put the rifle down, instead of putting it down he pointed it directly at them," said Shepard.  A deputy fired two shots, one crashing through a window, the other hitting the teenager in the right shoulder.

"They had no chance at negotiation with that gun pointed directly at them," said Shepard.  "They reacted to their training right there and fired a shot, which we feel for certain saved their lives."  The suspect was taken to Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and is listed in stable condition.  Investigators are now left trying to determine what sparked the incident.

Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.  The deputies are taking mandatory time off, which is normal procedure.  The teen is expected to fully recover from his wound, and is under guard at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com