TJC Hosts Halftime Hoops For Skeeter Nets

The biggest shots today in the Tyler - Lon Morris double-header were taken at halftime by amateurs. At the break of the men's game, they had a free throw shooting contest. The shooters were chosen by raffle and the money raised went to Nothing But Nets, a charity that supplies mosquito netting to families in Africa.

Organizers say just the couple of bucks these people donated can literally mean the difference between life or death.

"Every dollar goes to buy mosquito netting," TJC History professor Jan McCauley explained. "None of it is administration costs, none of it is anything else. These immediately have an impact on people's lives.'

The charity was developed by the NBA, Sports Illustrated, and the United Methodist Church, and organized locally by TJC's Wesley Foundation. For more information, visit Nothing But

The Apaches topped the day off by taking a double-header from Lon Morris.

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