Abandoned East Texas Dog Is Shot In The Legs For Barking

The bullet wounds are still fresh in his hind legs, but 5 -month-old Judson, is slowly getting better. "Somebody had abandoned the dog and the shooter lived close to the house where the dog was abandoned. Apparently, the dog was barking non stop and he got tired of hearing the dog bark and he shot him," said Roxanne Huston, Executive Director of  the Humane Society of Northeast Texas. After the shooting, the Humane Society took Judson in. Now, he's getting ready for surgery at Kimbrough Animal Hospital. "They came by and asked me if I would patch him up and I told them sure. There are other veterinarians around town that help the Humane Society, so I'm not the only one," said Dr. Kenny Kimbrough. "Thank goodness for the veterinarian community. They are great supporters of the Humane Society and Dr. Kimbrough was such an angel to offer his services to help this great dog," said Huston. A great dog who now has a chance to walk again. "This one was a real lucky case. It didn't break any bones when the bullet went through went through. We got the bullet out and I think he's gonna heal up fine," said Dr, Kimbrough. So, after his anesthesia wears off and his wounds are healed there's only one need left for Judson. "My hope is that Judson finds a wonderful, loving family. We think he's going to have a full recovery and just turn into a wonderful family pet," said Huston.

Judson is still recovering from his surgery at Kimbrough Animal Hospital. If you would like to adopt Judson, you can contact the Northeast Texas Humane Society at (903) 297-2170.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com