Wood County Issues Citations To Stores For Tobacco, Gambling Violations

The Wood County Sheriff's Department has been actively participating in the State Tobacco Enforcement Program (STEP).

Sgt. Mike Taylor, Cpl. Michael Wood and an agent from the State Comptroller's Office have been inspecting establishments for any type of tobacco or gambling violations.

Several establishments were checked for compliance with state regulations.  The findings were as follows:

The Race Runner #5 located on Broadway Street in Winnsboro received two citations for tobacco violations for failing to be in compliance.

The Junction located on Main Street and Coke Road was issued a citation for non-compliance.

The Kiss N' Bass located on FM 17 and Hwy 515 was issued a citation for non-compliance.

The Peraltas restaurant located in Quitman and the Top Stop located on Goode Street in Quitman both had illegal gambling machines (coin pushers) located inside their establishments. The machines were locked and designated as illegal gambling machines.

The inspections will continue throughout the County during the rest of the year.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting. ckhalil@kltv.com.