A Tyler Man Injured During Home Robbery

A Tyler man was assaulted and robbed at his home Sunday morning after checking on a noise in his backyard.

It happened on the 4500 block of Gretna Green Street in Tyler. A robber wearing a dark mask and clothing confronted homeowner Paul McKnight in his yard with a gun.

McKnight said the robber stirred him awake by knocking on his back door around 5 a.m.

When McKnight opened the door, an armed man jumped at him with a gun and demanded money. McKnight led the robber back to his bedroom and handed him money.

The suspect was unsatisfied, asked for more cash and followed McKnight back outside.That's where the robber attacked his victim.

"When he came through the door, I grabbed his arm and pulled him forward," said McKnight. "He then spins around, and punches me in the eye knocking me down."

The suspect then fled from the scene. Police describe him as a white man, approximately 6 feet tall with a medium build. The victim added that the suspect had blondish-red hair, blue eyes and a very light complexion.

Members of the neighborhood's crime watch believe the robber may be responsible for a home disturbance that happened in the same area last fall.