Naomi Judd Comes to East Texas

She's a country superstar with a sultry voice and an inspirational story.

Monday, East Texans got at chance to have an up-close and personal encounter with Naomi Judd, a singing sensation and country legend.

Naomi was here to benefit the Cox Communication hole in one contest "Tea at the Tee party"- but she used this opportunity to tell her story, and to build a bridge between everyday people fighting the same disease as herself .

"There are always people," says Judd. "There was just a lady five seconds ago who said I have Hepatitis C."

Naomi was diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C in 1990 and had to quit touring with her daughter in 1991 because she was so sick.

"The big guys gave me only three years to live," said Judd

But through God and fans she met Monday, Naomi says she found the strength to fight her illness.

Now she uses her experience to teach others.

"In the big picture, if you have a bad day it doesn't mean you have a bad life."

Even though many of her fans look to Naomi for answers - she says the fans give her more back than they will ever know.

"To be with other people here to share their stories and experience and challenges and say I get it - let's have a breakthrough instead of a break down it is the ultimate reward. And it keeps me from going crazy."