Truckers to Combat Terrorism

The trucking industry is taking steps to help secure our nation's highways. With the possibility of terrorist attacks on the highway, the industry wants to help keep the roads safe. Millions of truckers will now not only be driving the roads, but looking out for anything suspicious as well.

Our country's interstates span more than 44 thousand miles of America. Everyday, millions of truckers ride those roads. Now truck drivers are being asked to be the eyes and ears of the country.

Todd Schoen, a truck driver from Brookwood, Alabama, said "We could watch out better than everybody else cause we're there all the time."

The lifestyle of the trucker, romanticized in jukebox songs for decades, is not an easy one. They're on the road all week, logging thousands of miles. But these truckers are still Americans. Trucker James Marks of Little Rock, Arkansas said, "This is our country, you know, and we're supposed to protect the country. There's no harm in asking us to do that."

In addition to making sure their own vehicles are safe and secure, truckers will be asked to look out for anything out of the ordinary. They'll keep an eye out for anything suspicious on bridges, highways, tunnels, and even from their fellow truckers as well. A toll-free number will be available to report anything out of the ordinary.

The highways of America go from coast to coast and border to border, but the trucking industry wants to do its part to keep those roads safe. Up to three million truckers will be trained to identify potential terrorist threats. They have also been discouraged from talking about their routes, cargo, and any other information that could be used by terrorists.