Keeping Up With The Hughey Twins

For years, Dana Hughey has wished East Texans a "Good Morning" on KLTV and KTRE.  Little did she know, one day she would be the focus of a news story.

"My KLTV family has allowed me to be with my children which is where I need to be right now to hold their hand and we do get to hold their hands," says Dana.

And those hands are tiny.  Born at just 25 weeks, Ford Hughey weighted 1 lb. 15 oz. and Hayden Hughey weighted 1 lb. 14 oz.  As you might imagine, babies born 3 months early have serious health problems.  The very respirators that help them breath also cause a lot of damage to their under developed lungs.

"It is a roller coaster. You know people always ask, 'Well how are they doing?' Today, at this hour, they may be doing great and in a couple hours they may not." Dana goes on to say, "I have moments where I just break down. I can't take it any more and I just cry."

Placing his hand on Dana's knee Trey says, "What I continue to tell Dana is we can't get overly excited about the great days and super depressed about their bad days."

At just 3 weeks old now, both babies have already had heart surgery, while numerous tubes twist around their fragile bodies.

Trey says, "Premature babies have a 25-30% chance, but we don't care about statistics because we know that our babies are going to make it because we have all the belief in the Lord and we just know with all the success stories we receive and all the prayer that we are in great hands and so are they."

Those success stories and words of encouragement have come from all over East Texas through email. "We've read stories from a lady saying, 'My son was a premature baby born 25 weeks, but we just celebrated his 30th birthday and he's blessed us with 3 grandchildren.' So it's the stories from the viewers that definitely keep our hope and definitely continue to lift us up because I don't know where we would be," says Trey.

Dana adds, "It's amazing, to know how much they love you just from a few hours every morning on KLTV and KTRE.  So, it means a lot to us and I hope people will continue to go to our blog on and send us emails."

Some of the emails came from people they know, but most came from people they don't. One of the emails reads, "Thank you for allowing all of us to follow your progress, may God continue to be with you and know his path for you to follow. If you ever need anything, please, let us know. You know your fans will do anything for you. I know that it is expensive to stay with your babies so don't hesitate to ask for anything. God Bless you all. Debra Bunt, Gladewater."

Dana reads another email, "This one is from a family in Gilmer. Dear Trey, Dana, Ford and Hayden, my family watches KLTV together every morning. We do miss your sweet face and laughter. We'll be happy to have you back when the time comes. Prayers are with you always."

Another viewer writes, "I can't even imagine what you guys are going through. With the power of prayer, your little miracles will be O.K."

"This is a good one too," says Dana clicking open the email and reading, "I just wanted to let you know I've been praying for you since the first time I heard Clint say on the news what was going on I am in daily constant prayer for all four of you. Praying that the Lord strengthens the two of you and gives you the peace that passes all understanding."

Dana and Trey are sharing their story and faith in hopes of one day returning the favor and helping other parents. "I look at those small babies and I'm like, Oh my gosh! I'm your mom. I have sons! People probably don't know this but, we had problems getting to this point and getting babies and none of it was easy and it still isn't but they are our little miracles."

Trey adds with a smile, "They are going to be grounded through the first five years of their life. They have put us through the ringer. So, they're going to be grounded for a good while."

But they know their journey is far from over. "I just tell them all the things that we're going to do when they get older and that helps me because it helps me believe that it's real, that we're going to get out of here one day and that they're going to be O.K." With tears welling up in her eyes Dana goes on to say, "I tell them they have the best daddy in the world and I can't wait to hear them say mommy, mommy will you hold me and I can't wait to hear them say daddy will you take me outside to play ball cause it's going to happen. It hasn't happened yet but it's going to."

For now they wait at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, holding on tight to the love and support coming from all over East Texas and praying one day their lives will return to normal with two healthy boys.

Holding Dana's hand Trey says, "She can't wait to get behind the anchor desk with Clint again. She's looking forward to that day."

Dana's original due date was April 19th.  That date is now their goal to bring Ford and Hayden home. Until that day, Trey and his dad are growing beards to show support for his two boys.

Gillian Sheridan reporting;