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The Restaurant Report--Smith County And Longview Inspections From The Week Of Jan.31

Fuller's Fine Foods at 601 E. Front Street in Tyler was inspected Jan. 4.  Inspectors noticed workers not properly washing their hands and handling food.  Prepared food was not labeled correctly, and food surfaces needed cleaning.  There were also toxic items not approved for food service found in the restaurant. Total demerits:  28

At Gonzalez Grocery and Video Taco Shop at 917 Vine Street in Tyler, employees failed to wash their hands and handle food properly.  Dates and times were not displayed on cooked foods, and insect poison was found near food prep areas.  Combining those violations with raw meat being stored incorrectly, the health inspector came up with 26 demerits.

Next we headed to South Tyler, to Papacita's at 6704 S. Broadway.  On January 15, inspectors found unclean food surfaces.  They also noticed workers not washing their hands and handling food without gloves.  The staff was also cited for not following proper hygiene rules; the final result, 25 demerits.

Inspected January 17, at 212 Grande Blvd., unsanitary conditions were found at Down Under Pub and Grub.  Mold was discovered near cooked beans, and raw meat was being stored directly above the produce.  Cooked foods weren't being kept at the proper temperature and employees couldn't get to the hand-washing sink.  Total demerits: 23

The Whataburger at 1739 S. Beckham, the milk was sitting in ice, but it was still too warm. Workers displayed bad hygiene in the food prep areas, and raw eggs were found sitting on top of raw beef patties.  Those violations and unclean food surfaces led the health inspector to give them 19 demerits.

At China Cafe, located at 2001 WSW Loop 323 in Tyler, employees failed to handle food improperly raw meat was found stored above the produce. Cooked food was not properly labeled with dates and times.  Unsanitary food prep areas yielded 18 demerits.

Over in Longview, the Taco Bueno at 500 E.  Marshall Ave., prepared foods were improperly cooled, and both hot and cold foods were kept at the wrong temperature.  Unsanitary prep areas and a dirty ice machine prompted the inspector to demerit them 22 points.

Inspected January 23, Crazy Buffet at 2026 W Loop 281 in Longview also fell short.  Foods were kept at the improper temperature.  And an employee was seen handling food without gloves, with stitches in their hand.  The inspector noted those violations along with unprotected food and gave them a total of 20 demerits.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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