East Texas Woman Claims Pit Bull Was Found In Marion County Dog Ring Bust

Carrie Leake says she was stunned when she saw her pit pull "Bo", who was stolen over a year ago on kltv.com.  "I just broke down and I knew it was Bo when I saw him. I watched the video on the KLTV and I stopped it and I re-winded it several times. Undoubtedly, it was him.

I probably wouldn't have seen it. I usually just check the weather. If it wasn't for KLTV I wouldn't have seen the picture of my dog," said Leake. Carrie says for months she's been looking for her pit bull and had no idea that the sweet and loving animal she once knew had been turned into a helpless and vicious animal. "They got from the show ring, to sleeping in a child's bed, to having to fight to survive. Only a coward and a heartless person can take somebody's pet--somebody's love one and do to them what they're doing to them. "I know I'm not going to get my pet back.  Just seeing him on KLTV kind of brings me closure, at least I know he's not out there being tortured anymore," said Leake. No more torture, but unfortunate for Leake as an East Texas pet owner, who may never see her pet again.

Marion county authorities and the Marion county Humane Society are trying to determine if any of the dogs from the dog fighting ring were stolen.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com