Rains County: The Thirteenth Fastest-Growing County in the Nation

The sound of more traffic, new construction... and change are in the air around Emory. Rains County is still one of the least populated in the state... but it's growing quickly.

So quickly that the Census now says it's the 13th fastest-growing county in the nation.

Clyde Smith, Emory's Planning Director says: "The growth on Highway 69 just exploded from city limit to city limit here in Emory."

Change is coming fast... faster than just about anything out here has ever moved before.

Rick Harris has called Rains County home for 16 years.

"I'm seeing a lot of young people moving out here from Dallas," he says.  "Just to get away from Dallas."

Now, new construction is going up on Highway 69.  A Brookshires is planned... a Terry's Furniture Warehouse also.  A new high school is on the way, too.

But, despite being number 13 on the nation's list of fastest growing counties, those who live here say this county will keep it's identity.

Clyde Smith: "No lines.  You go to the bank, you're first in line and everybody knows you."

"Good old country values, that's what you get, and everyone knows everyone. That's what you get with a small town."

Those who live here see growth over the horizon, but say everyone will always get a small town hello.