Gift of Love: Tyler, Katilyn & Johnathan

A little push and these three siblings swiftly reach the bottom of this slide at "Pump It Up" in Tyler.

Tyler, Katilyn and Johnathan have been in foster care almost two years, removed because of neglect and a history of drug us in their home.

"I think these children have done very well being in foster care much better than they would have been left in their home environment. They've had a tough time and it's really been an adjustment period," says Lori Sutton White, their caseworker with Child Protective Services.

They are hoping to stay together, growing the bond they already share.

Tyler enjoys video games and is a typical 8 year old. "I like to go outside and play with my toys. I like my toy cars and I like football."

This third grader does well in school but is quiet and needs a little time to warm up. "He's still grieving that loss of his family although he does want a forever family. He does want to be out of the foster care system and be with a mom and dad that will be there to care for him and protect him," says Lori.

Tyler's caseworker says he struggles with the opportunity to be the oldest because his little sister likes to be in charge. Lori says, "Katilyn is 6 and she's a firecracker. Her personality is such that she does want to be in charge but I think she's also had such a rough time that it may be that this is the one thing she can control and she's going to try to control her environment around her as much as possible."

Katilyn is active. She enjoys puzzles and painting and will need a lot of supervision.

The youngest of the bunch a cute little guy named Johnathan. "He's a charmer. He makes friends where ever he goes. His foster mom was telling me it took an hour to get through Wal-Mart the other night because he was high fiving everybody as he went along," explains Lori.

Each has their own unique personality, but together they make a family. Now they wait to share the Gift of Love.

"These children are going to require a lot of patience, a lot of commitment and a family that's determined to help them with their past. It is going to be challenging some days but the potential these children have is tremendous," says Lori.

For more about this sibling group call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, Reporting