More Details About Deadly Domestic Stabbing

We've been following this story since it broke at 5, and now, we're learning more about an East Texas couple, at the center of a deadly stabbing. Just before 4 Wednesday afternoon, Smith County deputies were sent to a home on Janan drive, near Lake Tyler.

Once inside, they found a man, identified tonight as 80 year old King Cornish, dead from apparent stab wounds. Authorities also shared with KLTV 7 the identity of his wife, 49 year old Cynthia Cornish. She was found with a gash in her head, and tonight she's in the hospital.

A small child, Cynthia's grandchild, was also in the house at the time of the stabbing. Authorities say the child was not injured but was also taken to the hospital with Cynthia.

Neighbors tell KLTV 7 tonight, the couple had lived on this property for years, and never showed any signs of violence.

"I was good friends with Cynthia and talked with king. Talked with him at Christmas. This is just completely out of character. It's a real shock," said Claire Baggett, Neighbor, "It wasn't an abusive relationship, there wasn't arguments and carrying , Police being called. They were just part of the neighborhood. They were a good part of the neighborhood."

"Things like that don't happen around here. They are just not that kind of people. I never saw any fighting outside," said Baggett.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.