Heat Leaches Potentially Dangerous Chemical From Plastic Bottles

Some concerns Tuesday night over a chemical found in some plastic bottles. A new study from the University of Cincinnati shows that the chemical can leech with exposure to extreme heat, such as adding boiling water to the containers.

It's called Bisphenol A or "BPA." Concerns have grown over this chemical since August when a government panel "expressed concern" that it may cause neural and behavioral problems among children. Now, it's important to note "Bisphenol A" has only been tested on animals, so at this point there are still some unknowns as to how it exactly could affect people.

To be on the safe side, the panel has advised not to put boiling water or expose these hard plastics to extreme heat. But there are different kinds of plastic. This only affects the hard plastics, such as hiker bottles and also baby bottles. It does not include soft plastics such as your food containers, disposable plastic bottles, zip-lock bags and that kind of thing. You're warned not to put these hard plastic bottles in the microwave, or boiling water.

There are baby bottles available now that are "BPA free. The Food and Drug Administration's current stance is that BPA products do not pose a health risk.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com