John Tyler Student Arrested for Threatening Call To Robert E. Lee

Tyler Police have arrested a John Tyler High School student for making a threatening phone call against Robert E. Lee High School.

Authorities received the anonymous call at 8:20a.m. and the school was immediately put on lockdown.

Students were detained in their first period class while police investigated. The lockdown was lifted during the 10 o'clock hour when police determined there was no threat, and classes resumed as normal.

Police determined the call came from a cell phone belonging to a juvenile student who loaned the phone to 17 year old Terrance L. Taylor, an 11th grader at John Tyler High School.

Investigators say Taylor addmitted to making the 911 call.  Taylor was taken into custody at John Tyler and charged with Terroristic Threat a 3rd degree Felony.  Taylor told investigators that the call was a hoax and no weapons were located by police.

Jessica Boyd, 5pm Producer.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting.