Sen. Grassley Backs Help For Seniors And Jobless In Economic Stimulus Plan

A key Senate Republican is supporting an economic stimulus bill that would provide help to senior citizens and the unemployed.

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley is the top Republican on the Finance Committee. His support of the bill represents a break with President Bush and the Senate's GOP leader, who have called on the Senate to simply pass the House version.

The proposal would add 35 billion dollars to a House bill that was passed yesterday. It would shrink the rebates to $500 for individuals and $1,000 for couples, and would also provide rebates to even the richest taxpayers.

Those taxpayers were excluded from the House measure. Grassley says he thinks the Senate version can pass quickly, and that he and Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus would block any attempts to add further provisions to the bill.

The Finance Committee votes on the Senate bill today. The measure is then expected to promptly hit the Senate floor.

Information courtesy of the Associated Press. (2008)