Former Apache Playing For Super Bowl Ring

What do NFL players Domanic Rhodes, Aaron Glenn, Jeremy Shockey, Rock Cartwright, Quincy Morgan, Robert Ferguson, and Josh Scobey all have in common?

At one point, you could have seen each one of these players at Rose Stadium for only three bucks.

That's what a general admission ticket costs to see a local junior college football game, and all of them came through the Southwest Juco Football Conference. With another year, another player who got his collegiate start locally is headed to the really big show.

Former Tyler Junior College Apache Michael Johnson could earn himself a ring on Sunday with the New York Giants. The former conference defensive MVP was a seventh round pick, and the Apaches say they knew from the start he'd be playing on Sunday.

"He was a trainer's nightmare," TJC Head Trainer and Assistant Athletic Director Eddy McGuire said. "You just knew in practice, some poor little receiver coming over the middle was about to get it."

If the Giants win, TJC will have back-to-back Super Bowl champs as Johnson will join Dominic Rhodes, who won last season with Indianapolis.

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