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01/28/08- Jefferson

Marion County Investigators Seize Disturbing Evidence In East Texas Dog Ring

It was a laundry list of evidence that was confiscated from the home of Tyrone Luster, whose charged with engaging in organized activity with cruelty to animals, felony possession of a firearm, and tampering with evidence. 

"I sized the chains that the dogs were bounded up by. I obtained the computer and some video tapes," said Marion County Investigator, Shawn Cox. Marion County investigators hope the laundry list of evidence, taken from Luster's home will link to something very big. "There is a web site, I don't know what the web site is, but I'm going to dig in the computer and see what we can find as far as what web site Luster visited," said Cox.  

Investigators think that web site may have been used to spread word of the dog fights across state lines. "We hope this is going to lead us to a lot of other instances of dog fighting in other states and other locations, not only Texas, but in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana," said Marion County Sheriff, Bill McCay. 

Also, among the items seized was a cage, which investigators say served a vicious and cruel purpose to any of the animals unlucky enough to be inside. "The cage has an electric battery charger sitting on the top of it. Apparently, they put these dogs in the cage before a fight and turned the electric current on and got them stirred up real good before they fought," said Sheriff McCay. 

 And this brutal treatment has some worried that the surviving dogs may be too far gone to be saved. "If their true fighting dogs-- they don't belong as pets, not at this point in their life. Worst case scenario, our last option would be to euthanize the dogs," said SPCA Vice President of Operations, Ann Barnes. 

While investigators keep looking for other dog fighting operations, investigators wants East Texans to keep their eyes open as well. "Pit bulls in the back of a pick-up truck with scars all over their faces, that looks like they've been in previous fights, these type of dogs are head to a dog fight some where. So be on the look out,"said Sheriff McCay. 

Right now, Marion County authorities are working with the FBI to figure out if federal charges will be brought against the suspects.  The SPCA says the dogs are still being nursed back to health and are doing okay.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting

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