Cable Zipper - Does It Work?

Wireless Internet, wireless remotes--- more and more we're breaking free of wires.   But just look under your desk or behind your TV and you'll see we're not quite there yet.   This week, the latest in cord consolidation gets the "Does It Work?" test.

The Cable Zipper is touted as "the complete cable and wire management system." There are all kinds of products like this on the market but only the Cable Zipper has the patented Cable Zip Clip. More on that in a moment.   We found a very messy computer station to try to consolidate all the cords in the Cable Zipper.

First, we grab all the wires we seek to consolidate with the Zip Clip.  It looks and acts just like a woman's large hair clip.

Once you grab all the wires, simply insert the banana shaped tip that juts off the Zip Clip, into the end of the 8-foot zipper snake.

Push down with the Zip Clip and just like that, our wires are concealed in one big snake-like tube.

Do realize, you're only as good as your shortest cord. Once you get there, you can't really continue pushing the Zip Clip down the snake.

When you get to the bottom, just snip the snake off and you're free to use the remainder of the snake on another computer or appliance that needs some cord tidiness.

We had plenty to hide cords on two computers.

And getting the cords in the snake was a "zip."

"Does It Work?"  We give the Cable Zipper a "yes."  We paid $15 for the Cable Zipper at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  It also comes in white.

Joe Terrell, Reporting