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UFO Stories: Faye Ryan - Flint

I lived in Flint, Texas in 1968 on CR 172, know as Goodson Spur Rd.  It was summer and I had all the windows raised and the back door open. (We all had screen door's back then and never locked our doors)J  It was dark and I was washing dishes after dinner (notice I did not have a dishwasher).  I looked out the window, as usual, and saw a very bright, white, round light in the sky. It looked a little larger than a soft ball from where I was standing.   It was in the pasture next to our house and was setting right at the top and just to the left of a tree.  I realized I had never seen that bright light there before.  I would look down in the sink and then look up at it again.  I knew it was too low to be a star.  I began to stare at the light and all of a sudden it moved very fast, straight to the right.  It made no noise.

 I walked to the back door, looked out the screen porch and there it was, the same height, beside a tree in my back yard.  I opened the door to see it without the screen and when I opened the door, it went straight up, so fast that it left a little loop behind it that was such a bright white it had a tint of light blue in it.  I watched it go straight up until it went completely out of sight.  I stood there not believing what I had just seen.

One week later the news showed videos of sightings in 2 other states.  I believe one was Tennessee and I can't remember the other one.  It was exactly what I had seen; even the little curved almost blue streak behind it when it went straight up.

To this day, I do not know what I saw and I have never seen it again, but you can be sure I have not forgotten my experience with the moving object and continue to look in the night sky. 

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