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UFO Stories: B.P. - Tyler

In 1979, on superbowl Sunday, of all days, I saw an object in the sky that launched a long and arduous study and research into the phenomenon of UFOs.

It  all began on that day when I picked a girlfriend of mine up for work. She got in the car, and soon after, began slapping me on the leg, saying,"pull the car over, pull the car over,look at this thing in the sky". (she had bent down to straighten the sun visor; I guess that's when she first spotted it.)There was audible static on my radio, and i stopped the car and got out at the same time she did...if someone hadn't been with me at the time, and i had seen this alone ,to this day, I would question my sanity.

What we saw was an oblong object, and by then, it was above us and my friend said it was higher in the sky than it was a second ago. It was a very shiny object, a platinum silver with a ridge around the  center that seemed to rotate in a wobbly, odd sort of way. As we continued to watch, it rose higher in the sky, and stood stationary for a moment. Then the real strangeness began.AS IF THIS WASN'T STRANGE ENOUGH! The object then started in a straight line to the south at an altitude of about a thousand ft.,and made a perfect 45 degree angle to the right, and then another to the left.We stood there, astounded at what we were seeing . I said, my God, what is it?! My friend said, i haven't got a clue.

We watched as it displayed more non-ballistic motion, chills down our spines, when the object then rose to around 3,000 ft. then it didn't do what most people describe, (taking off at a high rate of speed), it only rose slowly straight up until it was completely out of sight. Oddly, we then turned to each other and laughed...I thought that to be strange later, but what could you say? the static on my radio stopped, and we got in the car and had plenty to talk about; Like, who's going to believe this?

That's when i began my long search for the truth about this phenomenon. I have read numerous books on the subject, and believe me, there are plenty of them. From the outlandish and absurd to downright believable, I was obsessed with the subject...I have talked to witnesses, gone to places where there were famous sightings,(one place was Aurora, Tex.,where a ship was supposed to have crashed and they allegedly buried the small occupant of the vehicle in their graveyard( it's actually written on the Texas historical monument outside the graveyard!)aurora is outside of Ft.Worth. This incident is reported to have happened in the 1890's.they made a crude gravestone with the symbol from his suit and engraved it on the stone. they had to remove the stone years later when nosy u.f.o. buffs started asking for an exhumation.I also have talked to some people in the know, including the head scientist on the star wars program, who was very candid, and was the most informative of anyone that I had spoken to until then (about 1982)He told me some astounding things that had to do with government cover-ups,some of the things that were taken from the Roswell crash, about the star wars program, itself. It was mere fate that I even got to meet him.

I didn't learn that he even worked at white sands until my girlfriend at the time and i went to spend Thanksgiving in Albuquerque. It was my girlfriend's brother!! another interesting twist on the government's cover-up(s) is the man the air force hired to investigate all reported sightings of u.f.o.'s, Mr. J. Allen Hynek, who was to report all his findings to the air force, who would give their summation of each sighting.These men were air force officials and other top brass, hand-picked by Harry S. Truman, who were told to deny or debunk u.f.o. sightings-all of them.then the lies began,swamp gas, birds, weather balloons,even a sighting in south America that was blamed on the aurora borealis, or northern lights! right...the government's whole campaign was simply "say it doesn't exist, and it doesn't" what they forgot while they were busy trying to "explain" everything away was that the man collecting all the reports in the field.

Dr. J.Allen Hynek, was a scientist! He was once a skeptic who later became a believer because of all the credible witnesses he interviewed, and the likelihood that many of his reports were, in fact, legitimate. Dr. Hynek was the professor of astronomy at northwestern university in Illinois.He later established the Center for u.f.o. studies in Illinois. Dr. Hynek also coined the phrases close encounters of the 1st,2nd,and3rd kind. A classification of the different types of sightings.If you want to do some real research on the phenomena, THE HYNEK UFO REPORT (dell paperback#19201) where he distills over 12,000 sightings and 140,000 official project blue book pages; separates the real from the false; reveals what the government suppressed and why. So that's my experience.

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