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A Better East Texas: Dallas Morn News - Petraeus

Last week I was critical of the Dallas Morning News for naming the illegal immigrant its "Texan of the Year" while ignoring deserving Americans like General David Patraeus.

 Well, much to my surprise following the broadcast of my commentary they wrote an editorial not only praising General Petraeus but suggesting he should be promoted to NATO commander or head of the US Central Command.

Now I'm not suggesting that my commentary compelled them to write the well deserved editorial about General Petraeus. But I do thing they're right on target for praising this military hero. And if you agree with me and I encourage you to write the Dallas Morning news and thank them for recognizing this great American.

Their email address is viewpoints@dallasnews.com.

If you want to help change the media and make this a better east Texas you have to praise them when they do something right. And remember, you can always write me and see past commentaries by going to kltv.com, click the community section at the top of the screen and then a better east Texas.

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