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UFO Stories: Jimmie D. Kizer - England

About 1964 or 1965 when I was in the Air Force and stationed in England I and two of my fellow airmen saw somthing which could only be described as a UFO. It was about 10:00 p.m. and had been dark for 2 or 3 hours. We had finished working and had gotten into a pickup to go back to our office when one of the men saw something in the sky. We stopped and watched it for several minutes. What we saw looked about the size of the moon but was an orange color similar to what the sun looks like when the weather is just right just before sunset and the light is filtered enough to look at the sun without hurting your eyes. What made this so strange though was what we were looking at was not the sun or the moon. It was much too late to be the sun as it had been dark for a while and the object was much too high in the sky. It was also not the moon because when you look at the moon you see light areas and dark areas whereas what we were looking at was the same smooth even color all over. The object did not appear to be moving but just staying in one place. I could almost be convinced that it was the moon and some strange atmospheric condition was making the color so strange, even though it was a clear night, except for what happened next. As we were looking at it, wondering what it was, it suddenly disappeared as a light disappeares when you turn off the light switch. We continued looking in that direction wondering where it went when it just as suddendly reappeared. It seemed to have moved some but was in the same general area. It did this 3 or 4 times before it disappeared completely. While we were watching it I used the radio to call our air traffic controller to report what we were seeing but after it finally disappeared for good we went back to the office. No one ever questioned us about what we saw and I have never seen anything like that again and have never heard anyone else describe seeing anything like it.

   I have a comment about the so-called experts you have talked to. They sniker and poo poo the reports of what people see and give their "EXPERT" opinion of why there could not be any aliens coming here from anywere else. If they had been around 100 or 200 years ago and someone had said anything about man flying to the moon landing and then coming back home I bet their reaction and comments would be about the same. I thought scientist were supposed to be openminded and look for the facts instead of making such off the wall and uninformed comments. I do not know if any aliens have ever visited earth or not but a UFO is an "Unidentified flying object" until it is identified. If or when it is identified only then will we know what it is or where it came from. Please be careful who you call an "EXPERT".

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