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UFO Stories: Jo Ann Jones - Hallsville, Texas

My sighting was not a resent one, but just the same, it was the sighting of a UFO.  I may not remember all the detail, but one thing I will never forget it what we saw. It has been several years ago, somewhere around 1972 or 1973. My husband and two children had been visiting my Aunt and Uncle who lived on the south end of Lake Cherokee.  We lived out of New London.  It was late one evening when we decided to head home.  There were two cars of us, my two cousins where another car.  We were traveling together on FM 1249, between Elderville and Kilgore.  We always took the back roads to get home.  We were about a mile from the junction of 1249 & 2276 when I looked to my right and saw this light over the trees that set just off the road. It looked like a street light but did not put off any shadows and was, of course, bigger.  I told husband about it but he could not see it as he was driving.  I continued to look towards this light, which seemed to be staying even with us.  When we got to the junction where we were going to turn south (left), it was an immediate reaction from my husband, he could see this light in his rearview mirror.  We went up the road just a little and pulled over on the side of the road.  At his time my two cousins jumped out of their car and ran to check with us to see if we saw what they were seeing also.  When we stopped, the light stopped just beyond the trees on the same side of the road.  There was no sound, no wind, no nothing.  We couldn't determine what it was and got a little scared and decided to go on home.  All the time this light stayed in place.  As we made another turn just down the road to head on home, we watched as this light quickly headed off toward Kilgore.

Now, in 1972, to talk about something like this would have sent us to the nut house, I know, so we never reported seeing anything.  We have talked about it a lot over the years and between the four adults that saw this UFO, know that something is out there, just don't know what.  We did eliminate a lot of things at that time, like a helicopter, blimp, etc.  No, it was none of these. It moved too fast.  The first description that I heard on the TV sounded just like what we saw so many years ago.  I still look in the skies just hoping to see it again.

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