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UFO Stories: Kay Hayes - Quitman, Texas

It was 1999.  I don't remember the time of year, but more than likely - spring. I was standing in my front yard around 1:00 A.M.  My husband works nights so when he is off work we are awake during the night.  Anyway, a light (like a spot light) shone right down around me beginning on at top of my head and no where else. I quickly looked up, saw nothing, and ran in the house. Scared me!  And that is putting it lightly.  I excitedly explained to my husband, David, what just happened. Yes, he believed me, and has his thoughts on what and why it was.  I don't know, but I do not believe in Aliens from other planets. 

I did not tell anyone else until years later.  I'm sure you can understand why.

Now for the military.  In the fall of 2001, every night at 9:00 a helicopter, or whatever, came across the sky in the same path, going the same direction for many nights straight.  Since 9/11 happened we were told to report all things strange.  So, I called the FBI in Tyler.  I discussed this with the agent and told him exactly my location.  At 9:00 that night I am outside waiting to see the object fly over again.  It did not disappoint me, nor did the military object that was waiting on it.  A very bright "star" suddenly appeared in the path of the object that flew over every night,  then took off, and took off fassssst. The very bright "star" (military object) appeared out of nowhere, without a sound at all, and took off with a speed only seen in the movies.  My mother lives next door and she was looking out her bedroom window when this happened.  She did not know that I had called the FBI or what I wittnessed everynight flying in the same path over my home.  I was talking with her and Daddy the next day, when she got excited and said she saw it and told Daddy.  I was thankful she saw it too.

The object did not fly over the house after that, and that's all I know.

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