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UFO Stories: Cindy Hall - Gilmer, Texas

Hi, my name is Cindy Hall. Several years back on the few miles down the road I live on now, outside of Gilmer, my Dad and I were on our way back to town and as we were driving down the road this large bright light was shining all around us to where we could not see where we were going. We didn't hear anything and we had to stop driving because we couldn't see anything but this bright light, and in a few minutes it went away. It was very strange. It was like something was above our truck shining this light on us. My Husband has also seen things, he lived outside of Gladewater and he said as he was going down the road these huge lights coming up behind him all across the road, and he turned around to see what it was and they turned also and vanished . He said when they turned around they were going really really fast.

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