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UFO Stories: Buel Stewart - White Oak, Texas

I witnessed UFOs in Oklahoma in 1962. People up and down our street came out of their houses to see the event. There were five different objects hovering over our town of Stroud. They were rather high, approx. 3,000 ft. altitude. They followed each other slowly in a circle and they all had a single light, and every object had a different color.  There was a red one, one was yellow, another blue, another green and another purple. After watching these curious lights for several minutes, they suddenly separated at very high speed and started roaming independently. After they started roaming above us, their lights started blinking separately, in other words, one would blink off and on and when it stopped, another would start blinking. There was complete silence as they started darting around. Then they separated even more and began to shoot at extreme speed in different directions but all the while staying in our sight. They would shoot off in one direction and then come back to its original position. After about 15 minutes of the display they all headed off to the southeast, eventually lining up behind one another just before going out of sight. Yes, it's strange but it did happen. I actually walked a whole block backwards before I knew it because I was so mesmerized. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Thanks, Buel Stewart, White Oak, TX.

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