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UFO Stories: Alvaro Delgado - Lindale, Texas

On Sunday, January 13, 2008; I, Alvaro Delgado and my son Raymond Delgado were going hunting at Old Sabine River Botton in Lindale.  As we were traveling North on FM 2710,  we were looking at the clear sky and the stars.  There were two stars next to each other when suddenly the star on the left took off very fast, faster than any plane I have ever seen. Even the space shuttle moves alot slower compare  to the speed at which the star seem to be moving at.  It seem to have moved about two feet distance from the other star in a direction upward away from the Earth and than it suddenly disappeared with no traces of a burn out or anything else.  My little boy was very excited and asked me if I had seen what had just happened and ask me what that was?  I told him that I had never seen anything like that and that it was probably a secret military space shuttle or a ufo.  After hunting, I came home and told my wife that me and Raymond had seen a ufo and of course she did not believe me.  But later on when she saw in the news that other people were reporting to have seen a ufo that same day, she was conviced that I was telling her the truth. 

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