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UFO Stories: Liz Peyton - Crockett, Texas

I have seen 3 UFOs:

One in Mobile, Al in 1975:  Along with my neighbors, several couples were standing in the driveway talking and we looked up and saw this round object that was spinning with red, blue, yellow, green lights.  It was pretty far up in the sky, so we all stood there talking about it.  Someone said "Liz, go call the airport and see if they can see this or if it is a weather balloon, etc.  So I phoned the Mobile airport and they transferred me to the tower (in 1975 the airport in Mobile was very small and had a tower, but it wasn't like the one at Bush Int'l in Houston) so the guy asked me the street we lived on and he could not see anything from his tower.  He had been in that tower for years and never saw a UFO, but really would have liked to have seen what we were all witnessing.  Anyway, he said there is not an aircraft that has those yellow and blue lights, only red, green, and white.  There were not any aircraft in the area at that time.  So  I went back outside and the UFO was just sitting in that same spot, spinning those colored lights and all of a sudden it just shot out of sight.  It reappeared the next evening and we never saw again.

The next time (somewhere around 1975-1977) I saw a UFO about 100 miles offshore from Orange Beach, Florida (we had a 40' Chris Craft boat) and we spent the night out there after fishing for Marlin that day.  My children and I were laying on the front of the boat looking up at the stars.  There were billions of stars since it was so dark that far offshore.  We saw a green object darting about (looked like among the stars) so it wasn't a comet or falling star because it was moving back and forth at a tremendous speed.  After watching this for about 3-4 minutes, it suddenly disappeared.  I have never been able to find anyone that could explain this phenomenon.

 The 3rd time was in Houston County (around Crockett) about 2 yrs ago.  We had just finished dinner about 8 p.m. and I went out to feed the dog.  It wasn't cold, but cool.  I stood on the patio and was just enjoying the evening when I looked up beyond the patio and saw this extremely bright stationary object.  I called to my husband to bring the binoculars, but he wasn't interested and didn't want to leave his TV .  As I turned to go back into the house, I looked back and it just disappeared.  We have a friend that has his own landing strip not far from our home.  He wasn't flying at that time of night so it was not a small plane.  Besides, it would have had it lights on at the wings and tail. 

I have seen the satellites that appear in the evening skies and they just glide across the sky at the same level so I know it wasn't a satellite.  Several people in the Crockett area have seen UFO's.  Some have seen "cigar shaped" objects, others have seen round objects.  All I know is what I have witnessed myself and nothing I have ever seen was an airplane or a jet - I don't care what the government says.  I think the government has investigated the sightings and know what they are but to avoid hysteria, they just keep quiet (like they do everything else).

Liz Peyton

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