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UFO Stories: L.K. Harris - Longview, Texas

Yes  I  have seen one, in 1984, on the east side of Longview, Tx. in Harrison Co.

I was on my way to my friends when I first saw it. It was flying extremely low (at treetop level) in a direct path toward the mobilehome park my friend lived in. That's why it caught my attention, my thought was, "THAT PLANE IS TOO LOW !" (It did have wing lights like a plane does). I pulled in thier driveway, got out of my car looked up to see it going directly over thier home. It was triangular shaped, tan in color, the edge of the wings were rounded (to be stealthy I presume). The tail light was what was peculiar in that it looked like an upright florescent light (tall & narrow). It was traveling at maybe 5 mph. The only noise I could hear was quiet air-powered noise. It turned a 90 degree turn without banking. I ran in my friends house to tell them and said, " You won't believe what just flew over your house' but before I could say anymore, her husband told me IN DETAIL what I had seen. He said a co-worker of his at Knox Lee had seen the exact same thing a couple of times about 5 years before. He supposedly saw it while out on a date. They were riding country roads in the Hallsville area, spotted it, chased it until it took off  at a phenominal rate of speed. My ex and his best friend saw one several times in the same area about the same time. He said it would stand still and then dart across the sky in no particular zig-zaggy pattern.

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