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UFO Stories: KR - Mineola, Texas


It was 1978, and my then husband and I were traveling from Colorado Springs, CO to Arlington, Tx to visit my family. I had just situated myself in the back seat for a nap but, before I had the chance my husband said, "Look out the back window and see if you see what I see?" I looked and I was startled. It was a very large disk-shaped object with pale bluish pulsating lights around it circumference. I watched it for what seemed to be at least five minutes. I was very afraid! I told my husband, "Whatever you do, don't stop!" In only a few seconds it lefted up and flew off at an extremely high rate of speed and disappeared into the stars. We were scared, excited and every other emotion that you can think of. We did discuss that no one would believe us. This occurred between Raton Pass, NM and Childress, Tx.

When we reached my parent's house we told them of our experience, thinking that they would think that we had flipped our lids but, instead my Dad told me of his UFO experience's. He said that when he was about fourteen years old, now let me do the math, that would have been around 1948, he, his Dad and his Uncle were all outside and they looked up at something shining in the sky. They observed three silver discs in the sky above their farm. The objects kept changing places with each other. They watched them for a while and then they watched them fly away at a high rate of speed until they could no longer see them. They were all perplexed. There was not any aircraft at that time, that they knew of, that could manouver as these craft did.

My Dad also told me of another experience he had around 1977, while he was night fishing at Possum Kingdom Lake. He was sitting there fishing and he observed a single wing-looking object, hovering over the water, not making a sound and coming his way. He observed it as it passed above his head and watched it continue hovering until it went around a bend. To this day he says it was not any aircraft that he has ever seen and it seemed odd to him that it made no sound.

If you visit website; ufoevidence.org , you will find many photos. I found a couple on there that appear to be like the one we saw in 1978, with the pale bluish lights.

KR, Mineola, Tx

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