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UFO Stories: Mary Burt - Seagoville, Texas

My family was living in Seagoville, Tx. in the late 1940s (I was about 8 or 9 years old at the time).  We, along with several other neighborhood families,  were out raking leaves on a fall afternoon.  

The sky was a high overcast but visibility was good.  We all witnessed a craft high in the sky traveling about the speed that I have recently observed the international space station in its flyovers.  It was the traditional saucer shape, similar to the picture you have depicted.  It made no sound.  It flew over us and disappeared into the horizon.  A little while later we observed it flying over again, going back in the direction from which it had originally come.  It was silver-gray in color, and there were no visible lights.  All who observed it that afternoon agreed that it was not a conventional aircraft or one that resembled anything any of  us had ever seen.   

My father, a VERY conservative man, would readily tell anyone that he had seen a UFO.  My 95 year old mother still remembers the sighting.  I do believe they exist and would love to see another one.  My husband spent 32 years as an airline pilot, and I always had great hopes that he would see one.  Sadly, for me, he never did.  But I still look for them.

Mary Bruce Burt

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